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IYBS stands for Increase Your Business Sales.
Our objective is to help increase conversions and build brand awareness by helping business owners manage the most important online assets in their business- pixels, online reputation, email, and social media assets. Our services help by identifying and implementing specific, targeted online marketing strategies and tools that bring more new qualified clients, re-activate past clients, and build trust and credibility for our clients as well as providing online marketing education and training.


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You want a government-friendly website.

We can build it for you.
We eliminate all the stress and guesswork. Put our government contracting expertise and technical know-how to work for you.

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The Better Way to Engage Government Buyers. Technology is constantly changing the way how we do things and how we communicate. This is also true in how we market our companies. In the government market, one of the biggest shift is how you engage government buyers or contracting officers.

We Create Your Powerful Capability Statement

How to Create a Powerful Capability Statement

Marketing Fundamentals – HOW TO CREATE A POWERFUL CAPABILITY STATEMENT.. so you can win government contracts is a course teaching you how to create the ideal marketing collateral for the government market. If you want to win government contracts, you’ll need the right marketing tools to open doors for your business.

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Unique Bid-Match Experience

SEARCH: It’s easy to get started. You can quickly search and access relevant information and manage your bid opportunities with GovGenie.

CONNECT: Relationships are the cornerstone of contracting success. GovGenie allows you to source, connect, & team with potential partners.

WIN: To go from wishing to winning, you need access to information and teaming partners. GovGenie is your tool to make this happen.

Capability Statement

Government Marketing Strategy & Action Plan “G-MAP”

Government Marketing Action Plan “G-MAP” is a 30-Day Strategy and Action Plan that is customized specifically for your business.

This is designed to be a CRAWL, WALK & RUN process to provide your organization with a complete road map for identifying your target market and actively connecting with buyers and decision-makers in the government marketplace.

We have helped our members and clients win over $957 million dollars in government contracts.

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Search for Teaming Partners, Events, Support Services & More…

Now that you have a website or video, where can you start marketing your business and making connections & teaming partners? Search for Primes & Subs, Find Events, Deals, News, Training, Mobilization Capital, & Resources to help you grow your business?  There are fewer conferences to connect with those small business liaisons and Prime Contractors and Match Making Events in most of the country have dried up for now. Here is your chance to join the Premier Government Contractors Directory. 

Our GovMedia Marketing Consultants are extremely skilled, experienced, and eager to help you and your business rapidly increase your success. At GovMedia Marketing, our Business Consultant Team will carefully examine your current marketing process and help strategize a successful solution. Our SUCCESS Formula is a proven process based on our years of experience and client’s ROI.

Here Your Contract is Your Collateral!

You’ve worked hard to win your government contracts.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to obtain the funding you need to mobilize on it. Even if you’ve been turned down by banks or other lending institutions, we can

still help you. We know the government market and lend with the heaviest consideration on the fact that you’ve won a contract.

This is a GCA Member Service!   JOIN GCA-NW TODAY!

Mobilization Capital

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GovMedia Marketing is dedicated to creating a revolutionary government business marketing & consulting company full of talented people who enjoy coming to work every day. We are really passionate about helping our clients achieve success in the government marketplace and find their work and life balance. We love our work and we have fun doing it.

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We Help Create, Deploy, Track, and Measure Digital Marketing Solutions That Power Your Business Growth.


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VISION: To create access.  Our Vision is to open doors for commercial companies into the government market and to support government agencies in accessing qualified contractors.

MISSION: To educate, facilitate and advocate for our membership base by becoming the premier government contracting association with these three pillars:

EDUCATE   |   FACILITATE   |   ADVOCATE  for Small Business!

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Many of the companies have seen great results for their businesses. In fact, for some of them, it has changed their lives with newfound revenues from the government sector.

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You want a government-friendly website. We can build it for you.
We eliminate all the stress and guesswork. Put our government contracting expertise and technical know-how to work for you.

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Well, Knowledge Changes Everything. We provide the most comprehensive Done-For-You (DFY), Performance-based, and Self-Managed services with one of the most well-rounded Marketing & Sales Teams on the web dedicated to your success in the Government Marketplace!


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