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Digital Marketing for ANY SIZE Business

Promote your business with our digital marketing services. From social media, texting campaigns to web design, we have it all.

Strategic Marketing Consults at GovMedia Marketing

Marketing Consultation

We can help you grow your business using online marketing. Our combined training in Online
Marketing is ongoing so you will always have the most up-to-date advice, strategies, and tools to
successfully market your business online. If you do the work suggested, you will see results.

Strategic Marketing Consults at GovMedia Marketing

Smart Reputation Marketing Program

Manage, Build, and Market your reputation to get new leads
Service
Review Videos
Expert Interview Videos

Strategic Marketing Consults at GovMedia Marketing

LinkedIn LEADGen Services

Lead Engagements Business Consulting services set the standard in generating LinkedIn leads for your business. The majority of our team are ”Certified Social Leads Consultants” We have been the go-to LeadGen Company for successful people. Your very own Social Leads Consultant can handle time-consuming tasks such as LinkedIn LeadGen services

GovMedia Marketing Training Center


Our Mission is to help 1,000 local businesses experience business growth using the online marketing strategies we teach and services we perform. Our vision is to EDUCATE small business owners on current digital marketing strategies. Help them STRATEGIZE to get the biggest bang out of their marketing dollar, and OPTIMIZE their digital marketing solutions to experience real business growth.

Web Design Support at GovMedia Marketing

Custom Design Website

If your website is not well designed or if you need a fresh start, our dedicated team can also design your website.

We can create a WordPress site for your business, or if you prefer we can do an HTML-based website.

It’s your decision. If you also choose to have a new website design, we have a HUGE DISCOUNTS for GCA Members.



Get a Government Friendly Website.

You want a government-friendly website. We can build it for you.
We eliminate all the stress and guesswork. Put our government contracting expertise and technical know-how to work for you.


Government Opportunities for your business



Government Marketing Action Plan “G-MAP” is a 30-Day strategy and action plan that is customized specifically for your business. This is designed to be a CRAWL, WALK & RUN process to provide your organization with a complete road map for identifying your target market, actively connecting with buyers and decision-makers in the government marketplace.

GovMedia Marketing Video Training Center


The Better Way to Engage Government Buyers

Technology is constantly changing the way how we do things and how we communicate. This is also true in how we market our companies. In the government market, one of the biggest shift is how you engage government buyers or contracting officers.

In the last few years, the mobile shift has changed the entry point of how people engage information. Today, more people view information from their smart phone or tablets than from a computer or laptop.

We Create Your Powerful Capability Statement


We Create Powerful Capability Statements

Capability Statements contain the 6 critical elements to ensure it addresses what contracting officers, prime contractors, or teaming partners are looking for. Expect to update your capability statement periodically when you’re responding to various solicitations like Sources Sought Notice, meetings with an agency representative or just attending an event with a strong Federal presence. The most common version of the capability statement is a (1) pager…

Mobile Ready Services

We Optimize ALL Our Services To Work With Mobile DEVICES

For 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019.

In 2017, an estimated 67.9 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone. We make sure that your website is well optimized for mobile so that you don’t lose any traffic.

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Our services are made so that your business grows faster, without investing thousands of dollars.

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